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About us

Far north in the cold, but beautiful city of Bodø, Norway, we produce something that we are proud to sell. We produce MYK: modern high-quality skin and hair care products. We are Pharmatech Norway Ltd., a small family business that was established in 1994. With 20 years of experience as producer of skin care products we recently focused our abilities to create and register the trademark MYK in 2014. We are in a very small group of companies that can offer products entirely developed, produced and packaged in Norway.

Our philosophy: to create simple, but efficient skin care products from the best ingredients on the market. With a critical eye we work to create sensible products. We test many ingredients and evaluate them under strict requirements. We will always attempt to use natural ingredients, but do accept artificial ingredients if they may improve the product quality considerably and no natural alternative exist. We only chose ingredients that are suited for application on sensitive skin of children and adults. For this reason all our products are free of perfume, parabens, sulphates and mineral oils. You can find our stamp for safe ingredients on all our products. You can read more about the ingredients we use in our encyclopedia of ingredients.

In today's turbulent climate we look to the future. We realize our responsibility to take care of our planet. We must do our best to operate our business in an environmentally fashion. We encourage our customers to recycle every bottle bought from us.

We recommend to combine our formulas with a healty life style consisting of a healthy diet, regular exercise and - maybe most importantly in our stressful life - sufficient relaxation.

Our products are today available only via our web page

Kalde, vakre Bodø vinteren 2012. (Foto: Anders Grimstad)